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B.C.’s Blasted Church winery has some of the funkiest labels around and a great story about how their name came about:

On a cool spring morning in 1929, a small crew from Okanagan Falls set off to a deserted mining camp some 16 miles away from home. Their mission: to dismantle an old wooden church and bring it back to Okanagan Falls.

The plan called for a controlled blast of four dynamite sticks inside the church in order to “loosen the nails”. Odd as it may seem, the explosion spared the wood from damage during dismantling.

Save for losing the steeple, the plan succeeded. Now, the 120 year old wooden church stands proudly in its second home of Okanagan Falls.

In naming our VQA wines “Blasted Church”, we celebrate the ingenuity of this initiative, and honour these pioneers for their vision, steadfastness and craftsmanship.

Over the years we’ve carried some different wines from this winery, including their Gewurztraminer and now again, their Hatfield’s Fuse.  The 2010 Hatfield’s Fuse ($21.95) is a blend of 7 different grape varieties.  Wine critic James Suckling gave the 2009 vintage 90 points and gushed, “Loving this.”  And Blasted Church is loving that!

Hatfield's Fuse

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