Generation Seven Red 2009

Tomorrow (Saturday, April 16, 2011) we’re tasting Generation Seven Red 2009.  We’ve had the red and the white in-store now for just over a month.  I’m excited to try this wine from Niagara for a few reasons: 1) it’s VQA and only $14.95, 2) I’ve read some positive reviews that have piqued my interest, and 3) the winery is committed to “using sustainable agricultural practices” and donates 50 cents to charity for every bottle sold.  Plus, the label is very cool. What’s not to love?  (Well, maybe the wine itself, but we’ll have to wait till tomorrow to draw any conclusions there!)

The blog Eating Niagara, posted this review:

Generation Seven Red (2009):
What can I say, I loved it. I’m not a red wine drinker at all but this is one of two red wines I’ve tried and enjoyed at first sip, then at second and third. If this is meant to be an entry level wine, it succeeds because it has wowed this red wine ignoramus.

At first sniff, I picked up a smokey scent, like a burning log or campfire. But its taste was mild with no cheek-clenching dryness, giving it a clean aftertaste. I loved that there was no lingering in my mouth after I swallowed. It felt warm and easy going down.

I’ll definitely make room next to the Riesling and Gewurztraminer on my wine rack for this baby.

Generation Seven Red

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