Craft BeerAdvent Calendar – 2013 Edition

Christmas has arrived early at A & B Liquor Store! We received delivery of the Craft BeerAdvent Calendar – 2013 Edition this week. The 2013 Calendar is a North American Edition, featuring 24 different bottles of beer only available in the Calendar. These beers have been contributed by 16 excellent North American Breweries. Canada, United States and Mexico are represented in the Calendar, comprising of 13 different provinces and states. There are 16 various beer styles within the Calendar. A taste for everyone!

Check out Craft BeerAdvent Calendar on Facebook to find a tasting note each day for the featured beer. Add your own comments!

Shop early as we sold out quickly last year! We have a limited supply again this year.

Craft BeerAdvent Calendar

Craft BeerAdvent Calendar

The Calendars are priced at $118.75 for the 24PB.




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Big Rock Life Of Chai | A&B Liquor Store

Big Rock Brewery out of Calgary recently released another Brewmaster’s Edition: Life of Chai Spiced Ale.  I loved the label (is that Richard Parker I see?) so I had to try it out.

My husband often rolls his eyes when I bring home such things, but he was somewhat impressed with this one.  I was more than impressed and was actually craving one with supper last night (don’t judge me).

This is a spiced ale, and while amber in colour, the finish reminds me of white ales I’ve tried before – maybe it’s the cardamom.  It’s labeled a ‘strong beer’ at 6%, but it’s not overpowering.  I’m a fan!

Big Rock’s Life of Chai Spiced Ale

Pick up a 6-pack today at A&B Liquor Store – only $14.85.

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New to A & B Liquor Store recently are two beers from Tamarack Brewing Company located in Lakeside, Montana. The first of the two, Hat Trick Hop IPA, contains three types of hops: Simcoe, Magnum and Cascade. It is a strong beer at 7% alc./vol. The second beer, Yardsale, is an amber ale with 5.5% alc./vol. Both beers are packaged in eye catching boxes. Each box contains 4 x 473ml cans, selling for $12.15 per box.

Check out for more information.


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Bone Beer

One of A & B’s new products that has arrived is Bone Beer. This beer is brewed by outdoor enthusiasts. Bone Beer has partnered with the Alberta Conservation Association and the B.C. Wildlife Federation. Bone Beer will donate 5% of their profits back to fish and wildlife enhancement, retention, and recruitment projects. The beer is a blonde lager. It comes in a 6PC and sells for $10.75.

Bone Beer

Check out


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Licor 43

A & B Liquor received delivery of Licor 43 this week. Licor 43 is Spain’s largest selling export liqueur. It derives it’s name from the 43 natural ingredients used in it’s formula. Licor 43 has a warm golden colour to it. With so many ingredients, it is hard to pinpoint an exact flavour! Depending on the palate, you may taste hints of vanilla, toffee, caramel or a host of other flavours. Licor 43 is extremely smooth and inviting! It is also very versatile, served neat, mixed with coffee, spirits or whatever else your imagination serves up!

Licor 43

For more information about this product visit:

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